This course is for all parents who are interested in implementing Social Justice Parenting practices in their family’s daily lives. The Modules include:

  • Taking time to develop your family’s core values and reflecting on your “why” makes this module the foundation for your Social Justice Parenting journey.
  • Discuss the meaning of identity and privilege. These key concepts will help us to understand the evolving world around us and where our children fit in.
  • Providing insight into what it means to begin your journey with parenting anti-racism as the ultimate goal for your children.
  • Fostering practical ways to engage our children in lifelong practices of compassion and allyship.
  • Creating safe spaces and open dialogue for natural curiosity to blossom is essential. 

This course is for white mothers who are ready to begin their journey as allies in the Black community (small steps at a time) and to raise antiracist children (who will be change agents in the world). This course will help you to begin to have the dialogue with your children about race and equity and what your family can do to help.