This course is for white mothers who are ready to begin their journey as allies in the Black community (small steps at a time) and to raise antiracist children (who will be change agents in the world). This course will help you to begin to have the dialogue with your children about race and equity and what your family can do to help.

Raising your child to be a “good person” is a start, but we want to raise children who are thinkers, doers, activists and allies to people who are different from them. This program will give you the foundation to do that. The Social Justice Parenting 6-month Program supports like-minded families in intentional parenting today for a more humane world tomorrow.  Dr. Traci discusses new ideas in parenting for our current social climate that moves families away from fear-based parenting styles. Social Justice Parenting guides parents in raising independent, compassionate, and socially conscious children.

The program is a hybrid model. You will be given self-paced course content, activities and action plans each month. In the last week of the month, there will be a live zoom Q/A and dialogue to support the work that you’ve completed in the module earlier in the month.