Every mom needs a village of mamas who share common concerns and have common goals for their family. Are you looking for safe environment with others where you can learn from and grow in a  community with no judgement or shame?

The group coaching is designed to support moms who have similar parenting goals in a safe, sacred space, where vulnerability and open-hearts and open-minds are encouraged. The groups are designed with the grounding ROCKS of Social Justice Parenting in mind, but  the focus of each group is different in order to meet your specific needs.  Join the Village that is right for you.


5-10 individuals

A weekly topic/theme focus

Monthly family and mama goal setting

Accountability and support from your coach and your village of moms.

Weekly video chat sessions (4x month)

Private FaceBook group

Join a group to experience my heart-centered coaching with like-minded moms who are passionate about leaving fear-based parenting behind.


Group Types:

Mom allies

This group is for white moms who are interested in going deeper in doing anti-racism work, who want raise children who will be the change agents of their generation.

Moms of transracial families

This group is for white moms raising black children who are interested in creating bicultural homes and environments that create a safe space for their child(ren) to develop positive racial and cultural identity.

Moms of biracial children

This group is for moms who recognize the unique identities of their children and who want to learn more in navigating a healthy environment to support the needs of their biracial child(ren).

*Group entry will vary based on availability.